Conservation Work

Below you will find a selection of some of the work that I completed while working at the University of Illinois' Library Conservation Lab.

Clamshell Enclosure : A drop-spine box which opens flat and provides protection for books and other items

Clamshell spine thumbnail Clamshell with book thumbnail Clamshell open thumbnail Clamshell closed thumbnail

Recasing : Providing a new case (spine and covers) for a book whose original case may have been severely damaged.

recase thumbnail front cover thumbnail recase open thumbnail recase flyleaf thumbnail recase open flat thumbnail recase hollow deatil thumbnail recase tail thumbnail recase top thumbnail

Full Rebinding: Removing the original binding, strengthening the signatures, resewing the volume and then recasing the item.

journal spines journal before treatment sewing sewing detail case fitting stack of journals finished journal open journal

Rehousing: Providing a new and more stable housing for an item. May or may not include retention of original housing.

scrapbook scrapbook page folders clean page encapsulated pages

Exhibits: Conservation is responsible for the preparation of materials for display, as well as the production of plexiglass cradles and other supports.

paper cranes paper engineering display RBML NonSolus display